Dartanyan Brown

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Phone: 913-766-6638
Email: jtoddmusic@kc.rr.com
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For Bookings contact Jeff Todd at the J Todd Music Agency (913) 766-6638 Dartanyan Brown began his musical life in the 1960s playing folk music while at North High School in Des Moines. But after Dartanyan picked up the bass, he never looked back. Despite protests from his parents, he quit school and hit the road as a touring musician. Soon Dartanyan, as he’s known, caught the attention of Bill Chase, whose band "Chase" was creating a new type of jazz called fusion. A combination of jazz and rock, fusion demanded a bass player who could play complex cascading lines and keep up with the drummer. Dartanyan was more than up to the task. In 1988 Dartanyan moved to San Francisco where he continued to pursue a musical career as player and producer. In 2016 Dartanyan moved back to Des Moines, much to the delight of local jazz fans who remember him from his work in the 1970s and 80s.

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