“We get a lot of ‘you’re so young!’ and ‘I didn’t think you guys would be that good!’, says drummer Jed Woodard, “but for new listeners, I would really like to say, let the music speak for itself.”


And Rebel Creek’s music has indeed spoken for itself. Last May, Rebel Creek beat out sixty other bands competing to play at the prominent Iowa music festival, 80/35. The band has also played sets for DMMC’s Gross Domestic Product, Lovefest in the Midwest, and the Des Moines Art Festival.
With their unique throwback rock, Rebel Creek’s sound has attracted a variety of fans. Appealing to everyone from ’60’s era hippies to young hipster kids, no one can resist grooving to the band’s energetic sound.


“They never disappoint,” says Nikki Ellis, “As a fan as well as a booking manager, I’m always left with a huge cheesy grin on my face after hearing them play … their music makes me feel that good.”


Rebel Creek can make you feel good too with their upcoming performance at DMMC’s Little BIG Fest. Rebel Creek will play alongside MooseKnuckle, Omega Dog, and many other awesome bands November 18th at the Hotel Fort Des Moines.


“I’m looking forward to having a great show with a bunch of awesome bands,” says bass player, Tyler Waskow. “It’s always fun meeting new people and making new fans.”


Come see Rebel Creek’s intricate jams, catchy lyrics and lively stage antics on the Grand Ballroom stage. Enjoy intense guitar solos, crisp vocals, vibrating bass lines and drum solos that highlight a young kid who can play a huge kit.


“Come have a listen … have some fun, dance around and take a load off … you might be pleasantly surprised,” says Waskow.


Surprised? Possibly. Impressed by Rebel Creek’s mature sound that is rich beyond their time? Definitely.