The majority of the band is from Iowa and has varying musical backgrounds. These men got together and realized this was the kind of music they wanted to play. Veteran musicians of all backgrounds who found a commonality in bluegrass. They have been performing all over the state at many different events, including a stop playing for our nation’s heroes at the Des Moines VA. They will play again at Little Big Fest, Nov. 18, at the Hotel Fort Des Moines.


Featuring banjos, guitar, mandolin, slap bass and other strings, these fun-loving musicians play instrumental bluegrass. They play it in a way that transforms you to a time and place where folks would join on the front porch and play music, just to play music. Sure, there were notes and songs and people had their roles, but mostly they just played. Traditional bluegrass musicians were the original jam bands. Make no mistake, Lightnin’ Ridge is a traditional bluegrass band. This is your father’s bluegrass band, and I don’t think anyone would have it any other way.