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GoodcaT, a group put together by Nels Dovre, is a taste of folk in the funky Des Moines music scene.  Their eclectic sounds send their audience away wistfully, always wanting more.  GoodcaT creates a genre that listeners from every walk of life can relate to and (if chosen to) find meaning in.  They create a diverse sound for in the car, at a coffee shop, or to enjoy live at your favorite local establishments. Each instrument adds its own feeling and perspective to the music.  Telling a story, much the way the lyrics do.  While the bass is grooving, the drums are rolling, and the guitars are each carrying a separate idea.  These ideas combine into one music supernova, exploding from the singular idea that spawned them all.

Their first album titled “And So…” released this October.  By the time the album dropped Nels had nearly finished the outline for album number two.  This opera major turned music teacher never stops to breathe.  The cats he pulled together are all extremely talented individuals with their own voice (or sound) to be heard.  “And So…” debuts Ben Dixon shredding the electric guitar, Mark Owens slappin’ the bass, Katlyn Finn’s outstanding vocals, and Shaun Jones killin’ the drums. Also on the album you can hear Julia Immel absolutely take control of the violin. The new cat on the block, (drum roll please) is Todd Lahmann on the drums. Occasionally joined by Cecil White on hand (purr)cussion.

These talented cats come from an array of musical backgrounds, which is what drives their diversity.  Such different strengths give GoodcaT a dynamic power; where every member is both the student and teacher to one another.  Every performance is an opportunity for them to sincerely connect with the audience in a new way.  Be a part of it (right meow!) and spend time listening to GoodcaT’s stories.

GoodcaT plays at Little Big Fest on November 15th at Beechwood Lounge at 10:00pm.

Check out GoodcaT:

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