Bandcamp, a major online source that countless bands and musicians use for streaming music and selling merchandise, have recently announced they will be waiving their personal fees on Friday to support bands and musicians who use their services. This is currently a devastating time for musicians having to cancel shows, sets, and tours. We thought it would be appropriate to lift some spirits with the power of music…Iowa Music! We went straight to the latest source of local music festivals, GDP 2019, and have tons of great local music Bandcamp Links to share from all sorts of different genres and backgrounds! You could wait til Friday to purchase, but we recommend we dive in now, and the download button is literally at your fingertips.

Gleaner opened up the Vaudeville Mews stage at GDP 2019 and brought it! It’s definitely some aggressive hard rock music, but these guys are sweethearts and write some great riffs and awesome guitar melodies! Check out “Product” on Bandcamp!



Greg Wheeler & The Polygamist Mall Cops: This grimy garage rock three-piece packs a punch! Releasing vinyl, touring in support of their music, and playing aggressive sets, this band is fun as all heck. Grab their new 7” “Room” via Bandcamp or head over to their WEBSITE for more!


DJDJ Tanner released a limited vinyl run of “LIVE” at GDP 2019 and also put on a memorable set by not only playing great music but also including hype-man, Kyler VK, to contribute by literally slicing onions during the performance. Call it performance art or abstract, but we’ve got tears in our eyes and love it! Grab the digital version on Bandcamp!


LVVMAKING has been putting out some exciting music this last year! Releasing albums, videos, and touring around to push their music. Not only is their music catchy, rocking, and clever, but you never know what to expect with their live shows either! Props, costumes, themed set,…we’re in. Check out their last album 2019 album and other tunes!


Andrew Hoyt brought his good vibes to GDP playing a solo set on acoustic guitar and the ukulele. Not only has Andrew put out some great and beautifully produced music, but he also helped generate funds to the DMMC music education program by donating money made on the purchase of his latest single, “Good Morning Des Moines.  Grab the tune and others on Bandcamp!


Pink Neighbor is a great pop rock band from Grinnell, Iowa. If it’s a duo, a 3-piece, or full band experience, it is always so good! With great melodies and thoughtful chord progressions you’ll certainly dig Pink Neighbor. Recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group put on a live concert on Facebook/Instagram and were able to raise money for Mid-Iowa Community action in the process! Grab their 2019 record!

Dan Tedesco ripped through a ferocious set (and a few strings!) at the 4th Street Theater stage in Java Joes at GDP 2019!  We were so happy to have him involved and he continues to tour in support of his new “American Darkness” album.  Check out the album and learn more about the crazy talented Dan Tedesco by heading over to his Bandcamp page.


Extravision is often touring the country playing house shows, venues, and everywhere he can share his excellent and thoughtful music. Ryan (Extravision) was set to be the touring guitarist with Elizabeth Moen on her next Spring venture but as most tours it has been canceled and we’re bummed about it as well. Grab some Extravision!


Sires has put out some of the best and hip rock music from Iowa that we can remember. The band has played 80/35, GDP, and we look forward to what they put out next! Grab their already Iowa Classic album “Soul For Sale!”



Closet Witch absolutely destroyed GDP bringing their heavy Math/Grind set to The Vaudeville Mews. Lives were changed. Rock was had. This band is intense, people love them, and we wish them the best after recently announcing the cancellation of their Spring tour with Swing Low. Dive in hard to their discography on Bandcamp, download some albums, and thank us later.


The Host Country closed down the 4th Street Theater at GDP and their set was beautiful, exciting, and in general, just real dang good. Americana Rock, excellent harmonies, a groovy rhythm section, and vocal melodies trading back and forth between Ty Wistrand and Diana Weisharr, The Host Country know how to bring the audience into their music. Grab their latest album on Bandcamp and get ready for a new record coming in 2020!


Druids, Metal from Des Moines, never disappoints. They have played 80/35 multiple times, continue to put out bone crushing albums, and tour the country representing Iowa with some of the best musicianship and brutal sets we can remember on our stages. They have recently had to cancel their first supporting tour with Planet of Zeus from Greece. Longs-Sleeve t-shirts and coffee mugs are currently on sale on Bandcamp, and don’t forget to check out their tunes as well!

Contakta is a synth-pop group made up of The Host Country’s Ethan and Dian Weishaar and Phil Young from Tires/The Wheelers/The Night Stories. Young is also a sound engineer at The Sonic Factory recording studio. Contakta was a perfect band to close down GDP at our after-party bringing dance able pop songs, impressive vocals, and a fun live visual video experience. Grab “Body Heat” on Bandcamp and look for more from Contakta in the near future!

Juliano Dock: Some of the best Hip-Hop in De Moines and always onto the next thing. Juliano Dock released multiple singles in 2019, collaborates with many great local artists including DBL DRGN, Bagz Marley, and has been a bit part of the DMMC Hip-Hop Summer Camps.  Check out Juliano Dock on Apple Music!


Uncle Tito is a seventeen year old Hip-Hop musician from Norwalk. He has played DMMC Showcases, Backstage Ball, and brought down the house at GDP this year.  This guy brings a super fun energy to events and we know big things are on the way for him as well!  Check out his music on SoundCloud at


Chill Mac has been an integral part of the DMMC music education programs by being involved in years of Hip-Hop Summer Camps and after-school classes. The expertise and passion he brings into each class can change a room.  Check out some Chill Macon SoundCloud here: and find “Kitty Run” on Spotify!


DubYou is a major mind running Lyric Xpress, an organization of Hip-Hop artists doing their best to do what’s positive for the Community. DubYou played a great set on our balcony stage and puts out excellent stuff! Grab it on apple music!



Ducharme-Jones is made of some of Des Moines’ favorite musicians in town. Sometimes a duo or joined by a talented array of different musicians, Ducharme-Jones puts on a wonderful show full of Americana music, thoughtful and wise lyrics, and tasty licks. We were stoked to have them at GDP 2019 and we look forward to catching a set at The Greenwood when live music returns to Ingersoll! Check out their latest album “Vagabonds and Poets” and learn more on their website,

Dust Radio are a group of great individuals who while playing you can tell are very much enjoying and believing in what they do. You might describe Dust Radio as Americana, but you’ll hear a lot of Blues and Southern Rock as well. The band had to put off their April 4th record release party set to be at Gas Lamp. We know they had put a lot of work, time, blood, sweat, and tears into their new vinyl record and can’t help but feel for them. We’ll keep you updated on when Dust Radio will officially reveal their new record, but for now head to their facebook page to become a fan and learn more!

EleanorGrace is a precocious songwriter, who at 15-years-old, brings a fresh take on classic rock sensibilities to contemporary music. Her song, “Lighthouse” is closing in on 95K streams and we can’t wait to watch her career grow. Head over to to learn more!


We’ve got to give it up to DJSNAG and House of Leopold for bringing the party to the after-party, and designing ALL GDP 2019 Graphics, banners, and flyers! Check out all things House of Leopold by heading to their website and tell em we sent ya!



And even though we couldn’t find music links to these young groups, all still in High School, make sure to keep your eye on Jolie Seitz & Carson Chivers and Girls Rock! DSM band, Plumero! Both groups have played the Gen Z Stage at 80/35, both joined us at GDP 2019, and we look forward to hearing their recorded material in the future!!  Plumero on Instagram!


Jolie Seitz Music on Facebook.




All GDP 2019 Photography by Til Death Productions except photos of Andrew Hoyt and Plumero by DMMC.