It’s tough to think of a more pure rock band in Iowa than Holy White Hounds. Everything about them, from the way they act, to the way they dress, to the way they play is the absolute height of rock and roll. Their music is dirty, grimy, and sexy. They’re a rock band through and through.

holy white hounds

From the moment they burst on the scene as part of The Dig Angees, Brenton Dean and Ambrose Lupercal have been bringing their brand of garage rock to stages across Iowa and the Midwest. Now, along with drummer Seth Luloff, the Holy White Hounds have taken the fast-paced chaos that made Dig Angees popular and tightened that into a trio of focused pure rock fury. Holy White Hounds released an EP, Oh, Mama!, in 2013 that showcases their talent in an incredible way. They are currently writing and recording a full length, as well. It’s live where they truly shine, and their brand of rock will shine bright under the sun at 80/35.

Written by Dave Murphy, Iowaves Music Blog

Performing on Saturday, July 5

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