For those unfamiliar with the bizarre, theatrical, unbridled (and Grammy Nominated) stylings of GWAR, this is a concert experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Those who are familiar with what these shows consist of will need no further convincing- they will be there (or they were so repulsed that nothing I say will bring them back). GWAR has been spewing their un-lordly satirical horror/sci-fi metal (as well as literally thousands of gallons of goo, ooze, and “bodily fluids”) from stages around the world for 26 years, treating delightedly shocked audiences to countless beheadings, dismemberments, disembowelings, and all imaginable varieties of gory (and did I mention messy?) forms of torture, rape and murder. They have even had dinosaurs and giant maggots devour people entirely (or partially, which is even more gory) right on stage!


As long as you are musically open-minded, NOT easily offended, and not too worried about some stains in your clothes (most of it washes right out, but if you are within 20 feet or so of the stage, you will get soaked! Not a show to wear your sunday bests!), come out this Tuesday night (People’s on Court, doors at 6:30, show at 7:30) for a concert experience that you will literally remember forever! Municipal Waste, Ghoul, and Legacy of Disorder will be opening.