The crowd was warmed up and ready to dance after a 30-minute wait between Little Ruckus and Girl Talk. Once Girl Talk started, the crowd – estimated at more than 600 – didn’t slow down for the 90-minute-plus show. This plunderphonics artist has a way with keeping the audience energized through a variety of musical and visual delights. Balloons, confetti and even flying toilet paper added to the excitement factor.


Next time Girl Talk comes into town, don’t question if you are going to go; simply go. Wear comfortable shoes, bring plenty of cash for hydration, and wear as little as legally possible. You will regret wearing your favorite skinny jeans. If you do decide to wear jeans, it’s quite possible that you will consider cutting them into shorts, as Gregg Gillis did to his pants while on stage. It’s also ideal to bring a buddy along to dance with and watch to make sure you don’t get carried away into the crowd by eager dancers.


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