First of all, tell us about what it’s like being musical artists in Iowa.

Musicians here are so collaborative and inclusive. They want to support you and work together instead of being in competition with each other. They’re not threatened by other musicians they just love seeing good music in Iowa. And that’s the other thing I love — how fucking good the music is here! I also really appreciate that there’s more time in the day when you’re not commuting on a train for three hours. That leaves more space in your head for creativity and time to try things.


Well you guys have no shortage of creativity — even your genre of music has a crazy name! Explain what “lady-pop electric dance music” means.

Diva driven electro beats that make you want to dance and cry.


Nice. That’s pretty specific. So how did Trouble Lights get together then?


Phil and I met through mutual friends when I moved back here from England a couple years ago. It’s a pretty small town so if you have something in common with someone, you’re gonna hang out. He’s like family now.


We decided to form a band together because of our mutual deep love of really banging electronic dance music with a bad ass female vocalist. We had many long drunken conversations in the corners of parties talking about our dreams and what kind of music we wanted to make. It was inevitable that we would work together.


We had our first show about a year ago at the Sondheim Center in Fairfield. It was the first time I (Adrien) felt like I wasn’t thinking while I was performing — I felt like I was an 8-foot animal warrior queen badass. Which I obviously am.


Have you been to GDP before?


We’ve never been to GDP before but we’re both really excited. Everyone who talks about it clearly has a lot of reverence for it. There are several bands we’ve never seen who are playing that we’re stoked to see. Also we’re opening for Christopher the Conquered which is a THRILL. They’re really good friends of ours and Chris is an unbelievable frontman. Also Mumford’s puts on one of the best live shows EVER. And Tires! Tires rock.


Ha! Glad to see you’re all such a tight group of musicians. So what do you have planned for the show — and beyond?


We have very exciting plans for this show — it will be different from any show we’ve played so far. Our role in the local scene is yet to be discovered, but this we know — We would love to do a tour of all the gay bars and clubs in Iowa.


Thanks Adrien and Phil! Des Moines, you can learn more about Trouble Lights here, and get your tickets for GDP to see them live on April 14 at the Hotel Fort Des Moines.