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Parlours are a special band. They’re not special just because they are an extremely talented band. Or just because the music they play is outstanding. Or that they carry a seemingly effortless beauty to their art. Or that they may be one of the most unassuming, yet powerful live acts in Iowa (which ranks them pretty high in the world, in my opinion). They are all of these things, but there is so much more.

Parlours is special because they manage to make music that feels important. It feels bigger than life. It feels this way because it is. Parlours’ music feels like it comes from another plane of existence. It is the musical equivalent of lying in the spring sun and knowing that the winter cold is finally gone. It is gentle and beautiful and warming, yet clearly holds a greater power than just a gorgeous collection of ditties.

Parlours is sweet sounding, but to me, they generate a whole different set of feelings than just musical empty calorie snacks. You can feel their energy and emotions with each note. They grab your attention with their sheer beauty and force you to pay attention on a deep level.

Parlours is a special band because they aren’t just a musical act. They’re an artistic and emotional tour de force.