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Max Jury is a singer-songwriter from Des Moines, playing gently fingerpicked acoustic guitar and piano, embellished a bit more often with drums, harmony vocals, and the odd additional instrument. The main difference here is that Jury’s melodies and lyrics reveal their greater strength and substance with repeated listens. The songs’ beauty hits your heart right away but these songs are deeper with texture and technique that do require repeated listens — not just because of Max’s often pretty and whispery delivery, but also because of his deceptively angular melodies and chord progressions, which threaten to float away until the listener hears them enough to latch on and know where they’re going. And since he has been going, he has been going straight up!

He just released a brand new three track EP, titled Something in the Air and also cut a 7” for Rough Trade Records. Max is taking his whiskey stained voice global, traveling to London singing his song before heading back here to play to the hometown crew at Gross Domestic Product!

At 21 years old Max has a very bright future ahead of him, with substance and taste that is hard to compete with. I look forward to hearing this songwriter grow into a voice he already seems to have a grasp on and is ahead of his years!