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To say that Holy White Hounds are an exciting band is simply an understatement. After already playing at Iowa’s most distinguished music venues and festival, the band has focused its image as a well­ crafted brand of garage rock. The kind of vintage ­inspired garage rock that The Strokes wish they could be.

With songs produced by Brandon Darner [The Envy Corps] and music videos filmed by Dylan Sires [Dylan Sires and Neighbors] the band has built a strong repertoire of material. Their live presentation isn’t lacking, either. At any given show you can expect to see unconventional banter from trash talk to ad­libbed one­liners. You will definitely see energetic musicianship when Brenton busts out Chuck Berry­-esque duck walks and Ambrose puts on his best bass­face with stoic repose, hitting throbbing notes that are splattered with nasally guitar riffs and tightly rhythmic drums that wrap the whole package up in a tight bow. Brenton’s Elvis inspired crooning is the delicious cherry on top.

You will see crowd participation (you may even end up onstage). You could possibly even see a guitar smashed (yes, this happens sporadically). But most of all, you will see fast garage rock. The kind of dirty garage rock your mom never let you listen to. Dirty is putting it plainly. The fuzzy guitars and wild lyrics will leave you needing a shower and a bar of soap in the mouth.