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There are certain performances that stick with you—the kind that you still talk about years later. The first time I saw Dustin Smith & The Sunday Silos was one of these performances. Dustin Smith & The Sunday Silos was one of the first local bands I got into when I moved to Des Moines. After two songs, I was hooked. And halfway through arguably one of my now-favorite songs “Let’s Ride It”, I felt it. Dustin has the amazing ability to sing every song with such emotion and grit that you feel it deep down in your soul.

His new album Northerner dropped in December. The songs are funky, sexy, and totally catchy. Dustin is backed by powerhouse singer Paige Harpin and a great group of talented musicians. The combination of guitar, keys, and horns gives his performances an old-school vibe with a bit of the dirty South. His lyrics are clever, meaningful, and most importantly honest. You can tell Dustin has struggled to get to where he is today, but is completely grateful and humble for the experiences.

The Sunday Silos, a larger group of eight members, has a complete blast on stage. They emit such a force of sound and energy that you can’t help but jam to every song. Each member is a person to grab a shot with at the bar after their performance and share a laugh with (and trust me, that’s probably where you’ll find them). Since that first show, I haven’t missed one since–and they keep getting better!

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