This year’s Gross Domestic Product is set to host one of the deepest rosters of local talent the Des Moines area has even seen. With 19 exciting and diverse acts committed to the lineup, there truly will be something for everyone. While a few of the bands playing are more established, others are just coming into their own, and GDP will present the perfect opportunity for fans to get their first, very intimate, taste of that up-and-coming talent.

It’s no secret that female lead singers have fronted some of the most popular and successful pop bands of all-time. Fleetwood Mac, Eurhythmics, The Cardigans… Annalibera? Maybe one day. The multi-talented Anna Gebhardt fronts this up-and-coming Des Moines-based quartet, and her synth and saxophone work on the group’s latest single, “Battle World,” proves that she’s more than just a pretty voice.

Despite only having a few studio-recorded tracks under their belt, Annalibera’s music carries a far more polished and mature character than what you’d expect from such a young group.  Their sound is coffee café meets movie soundtrack. Lush, serene and pleasant. It will no doubt impress concertgoers at the Vaudeville Mews Outdoor Patio (free stage) on April 13th. Anna and her boys are scheduled to take the stage at 8:30 pm. Don’t be late.

Advance all-access passes to GDP are sold out! However, there will be 50 more made available at 5pm on April 13th at the pass pick-up at the Kirkwood on 4th St., at 5PM. These passes will cost $20. There will also be a limited number of tickets available at the individual shows. More details available on the event page for GDP.

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GDP 2013 is sponsored by Boulevard Brewing Co. and The Gramercy Tap.


This article was written by DMMC volunteer contributor Adam Montufar, who also writes for the blog Pigeons and Planes.