I am incredibly humbled and honored to have the opportunity to advance DMMC’s mission to build a stronger and more diverse music community in greater Des Moines. It is an absolute dream to be in a position to inspire social, economic and environmental change in this great city through music and the arts. As an experienced nonprofit manager, arts advocator, passionate music fan, and most importantly, one who thrives on information and experiences, I am delighting in the potential of Des Moines as a Music City, and welcome you along for what will be a very exciting and fulfilling ride.

What appealed most to me about the opportunity to lead DMMC as executive director was the opportunity to join a community that demonstrates pride in their city and recognizes the economic benefits for the creative class through a vibrant music scene. I am thrilled for the challenge of becoming DMMC’s first executive director and look forward to bringing my unique skills and experience to a city on the rise.

However, I won’t be acting alone. I am lucky to be joining a fantastic team and an inspiring community. Together, we will discover community and industry needs, meet people, and explore challenges that can make a difference. We invite you to be an active member of the Des Moines Music Coalition — be our eyes, ears and heart in your city, and help us share the incredible talent and vibrant music scene with others around the world. Be my inspiration, so that DMMC can be your city’s inspiration for change.

– Jarin Hart, DMMC Executive Director

Pictured from left to right: Advocacy Coordinator Molly Brandt, Executive Director Jarin Hart, Outreach Coordinator Lindsay Keast, and Intern Tate Clemen