While you can’t say that this is a completely different Envy Corps, they are for sure a different band than they were on some of their early recordings. Sing-along pop songs like “Story Problem,” “Wire and Wool” and “Rhinemaidens” are still a large part of their repertoire, while newer, more powerful rock tracks like “Exchequer” and “Ms Hospital Corners” show that the band is ever evolving and willing to try new things to create their art. All of these elements put together have potentially created a much more interesting concert than some of the legendary Iowa performances from years past.

Opening for The Envy Corps are two bands that may not have a huge following in Iowa, but should. Quiet Corral is a multi-instrumental band from Kansas that focus their sound on folk harmonies and pop sensibility. They are a musically gifted band in the same vein as Fleet Foxes and have an excellent live show. Also on the bill is Minneapolis band Usonia, a pop rock band that features some former members of the Iowa scene.

Of all the talented bands the Des Moines and surrounding area has to offer, The Envy Corps might be the ones to take the next leap to the national stage. With their track record, ability and live show, The Envy Corps at People’s is not to be missed.


Tickets are $12 through First Fleet Concerts and ticketfly.com.