DMMC Music Fellowship

The DMMC Music Fellowship program is a career-focused education initiative that offers local musicians rigorous training and mentorship across all facets of the music industry. Coordinated by the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition (DMMC), the program aims to connect bands with regional industry resources and contacts to expedite the careers of local talent and to launch their music to national recognition.

During our pilot phase of the program we worked with two very talented and different sounding bands, Pink Neighbor (Grinnell, Ia) and Foxholes (Des Moines, Ia.) Both groups were able to work and record in different recording studios with their choice of producers, put out new and professional sounding music, and played DMMC events and toured regionally in support of their new material.

The overarching goals of this program are to (1) develop local talent to produce nationally recognized artists, (2) build a network of industry professionals and develop a collaborative music industry in Des Moines, and (3) draw young professionals to the area by strengthening the cultural offerings of Des Moines.