DMMC Online Music Classes Now Available!

We think it’s time for some GOOD news!  With having to momentarily shut down our Hip-Hop after-school classes at Meredith Middle School and not being able to launch our new Rock Band after-school class we were planning on starting at the end of March at Merrill Middle School, we are excited to announce our free virtual online music classes!  We might not be able to bring talented musicians and instructors to the students in different schools right now, but we can bring the students to our virtual classrooms!

Here are the sign-up details: While our after-school classes were primarily designed for the 6th-8th grade level, we still encourage high school students to sign up as well.  First things first, head over to and create a student profile.

If you want to sign up for Rock Band 101, use the code ppbghq.

To sign up for Hip-Hop 101, use the class code a6gpdd.

You should then be able to log in the classroom.  We have a little more information on the virtual classroom wall with a quick assignment! Finish the Day 1 Survey/Quiz, feel free to introduce yourself in the comments, and we plan on meeting up in the virtual classroom once a week.

Hip-Hop classes will continue to meet on Wednesdays at 3:45, our first class being Wednesday April 15th.  Rock Band will have our first class Monday April 20th at 3:30.  We plan on including a link to participate in a live Zoom meeting (a live video conference app) to use during these classes as well.  If you don’t have the capability to do a live video conference that’s ok! Still be logged into your EDMODO classroom with your assignments ready BEFORE class.

We’re test driving this online experience as we go, but we believe it’s still going to educational, interactive, and FUN!  Learn more about instruments you’ve been curious about, music history, recording, beat creation, writing, and more!

For questions please contact our Program Coordinator, Jordan Mayland, at  Let’s rock!

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