We’re very excited to be coming around to yet another Little Big Fest! Our fall festival features a combination of local and national bands, performing roots, bluegrass, jam, funk, world, blues, jazz, and soul music. This year’s fest will happen at venues across the East Village in Des Moines on Friday, November 15th.

We are really excited to be teaming up with Civic Music Association to present the festival’s headliner, The Soul Rebels Brass Band! The Soul Rebels are an eight-piece New Orleans based brass ensemble that incorporate elements of soul, jazz, funk, hip-hop, rock and pop music.

The Soul Rebels have been described by the Village Voice as “the missing link between Public Enemy and Louis Armstrong.”

Since we brought Public Enemy into town a few years back for 80/35 and we wish we could bring Louis Armstrong to Des Moines, we figure it makes sense to have the Soul Rebels swing by! Watch this video to get a feel for what the group is all about:

We will be making a full lineup announcement of over 15 bands on Tuesday, October 8th.

Outside of all that, here’s what we recommend you do in the meantime:

  1. Secure your all-fest passes right now at a discounted price. Click here for tickets!
  2. Check out the amazing work that the Civic Music Association is doing by clicking right here.
  3. Stay tuned to the LBF blog for news on tickets and the full lineup.
  4. Listen to these jams by The Soul Rebels: