Daymoths is comprised of Emily Dantuma (vocals/keyboards) and Ollie Dodge (drums/vocals). The two began making music together in the early 00’s in the band Vox Vermillion, which was signed to Atmosphere’s Women Records. Subsequent projects have found the married couple stretching out into experimental, noise rock, and even classical territory (Dantuma is also a classically-trained cellist and performs Bach Suites and original compositions as String Bikini) before focusing their collective energies into the measured and spacious sounds of Daymoths. The band is touring in support of their first full-length album, Back In Time, which was written last winter in Iowa, self-released earlier this month, and landed a spot on the City Pages Best Minnesota Albums of 2011 runner-up list. The duo (accompanied by their American Bulldog and Pomeranian) are on tour this winter and will be hitting Des Moines on Thu. Jan. 12th.  (Dantuma and Dodge also handcraft a variety of soaps as “St. Paul Soap”, which they will be selling on tour in addition to their new album and other traditional merchandise.)


RIYL: Portishead, St. Vincent, Blonde Redhead, Kate Bush


“Fans of distinctive female vocalists will find much to love… Dantuma uses her (vocals) to great expressive effect, exploring warbles and whispers equally and apparently unafraid to experiment with tones.” Arielle Castillo (


“Spacey, spooky and stripped-down…the songs bring to mind the freakish contents of Victorian curiosity cabinets and would make for a great soundtrack to the most adorable little taxidermy shop you’ve ever seen.” Garrett Weindorf (Urban Tulsa Weekly)


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