Des Moines’ music scene is expanding with more people attending live events each year. But for Darlis Honnold, attending wasn’t enough – she wanted to get involved. Honnold has volunteered her time to several music focused organizations where she worked hard and made great friends and many memories along the way. With 9 years of volunteer experience throughout the Des Moines music community under her belt, Darlis Honnold has rightfully earned her title as Volunteer of the Year. Congratulations Darlis and thank you for all your work!

DMMC: Congratulations on being named Volunteer of the Year! Obviously a lot of great events around the Des Moines area run on the hard work of volunteers like you. Tell us a bit about how you first got involved with the Des Moines Music Coalition.

Darlis Honnold: Through the place I worked, they have a volunteer network were you can volunteer for different places and events around the area. The first year I volunteered to help out on Thursday nights and did VIP bags, envelopes and checked in the volunteers and the next day I set up a team and we did 2 shifts at the beer tents. I have always had music in my life and being able to be a part of 80/35 keeps me in involved.

DMMC: What events or/organizations do you typically get involved with? What roles do you perform?

DH: I have worked with the Des Moines Music Coalition, 80/35, Check In Bands, Press and Volunteers and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Music Festival. I also volunteered at the DSM Art Festival for the past 20 years doing Artist Relations. My roles range from selling t-shirts and taking cover at the door.

DMMC: You’ve been heavily involved for a while. What’s the coolest experience you’ve had as a volunteer?

DH: Saying hi to David Byrnes on the street. I was really surprised he was just walking around.

DMMC: Aside from moments like that, what drives you to volunteer?

DH: Definitely the people I get to volunteer with, they are passionate in what they are doing. I have built some great friendships. Also, this organization lets you know just how you made a difference.

DMMC: How have you seen the music scene in Des Moines change throughout your years of service?

DH: When I moved to Des Moines there was not a lot of places to see live music, especially an outdoor event where you can take your family. I love that with 80/35 there is something for everyone, from headliners to local and upcoming bands.

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