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Album from Pink Neighbor coming in September!

One of our favorite Iowa groups, Pink Neighbor, has announced their new album Time Beach Universe to be released on vinyl, CD, and digital! We were happy to partner up with the band a couple years back to help the group get set-up to record three of these songs with engineer Patrick Stolley and producer… Read more »

New CD from Ducharme-Jones!

Ducharme-Jones, one of Des Moines’ favorite good times Americana groups, just put out their latest CD Vagabonds & Poets. Whether this is a full group or just the founding two-member husband and wife live show, they always tend to turn the atmosphere into a warm inviting event. Not too heavy and not too soft, this… Read more »

New Single, “Siamese Twin,” from The Fuss

New single “Siamese Twin” by The Fuss is turning heads online and it’s no surprise. The song is amazing!  Groovy, jazzy, hip, and today. They’ve been added to over four Spotify playlists this Summer. Check out this excellent review from Caitlyn Champ at Imperfect Fifth. Get this song on repeat on your phones, computers, and… Read more »

Halfloves Announce New Album

The 80-35 and GDP vets, Halfloves, have just announced release information on their new LP, Dazer. The album will officially drop August 30th, and you can pre-order the album by going to, and you really should. These guys have been hitting the road, working with some of Iowa’s best producers and studios, and putting… Read more »

New DMMC Program Coordinator – Jordan Mayland

Hello! I’m Jordan Mayland, the new Des Moines Music Coalition Program Coordinator. I am so very excited to be involved in the DMMC and I look forward to helping continue the growth of the music culture of Des Moines. A few things about myself: I graduated from Central College, I have played in many Iowa… Read more »

Des Moines Metro Arts Alliance: David Hurd Community Support Award – Backstage Ball 2018

For more than 42 years, Metro Arts Alliance served its mission to strengthen the Des Moines creative community through collaborative events and education. Metro Arts relied on a combination of cultural organizations, artists, businesses, educators, governments, and a variety of other groups to create synergy and connect people to the arts. “[Our mission was] to… Read more »

LBF Band Hype: Hadiza

Little BIG Fest Community-Selected Artist and Iowa City band Hadiza takes its name after its leader Hadiza Kubura, who sings — sometimes in French, see “Langue Maternelle” — and plays piano. Regardless of your musical preferences, Hadiza transcends genres to create music that’s just plain good. Kubura’s rich vocals are simply delightful to listen to… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: Halfloves

Following last year’s self-titled debut and last month’s new single, “Wrong Songs,” Halfloves is becoming one of the Iowa’s premiere indie rock outfits. Their level of artistry and commitment is evident with every song and set. Tight is often a word used to describe a band, and while Halfloves certainly have command of their material… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: Dustin Smith

The seemingly infinite canvas of sprawling Iowa landscape is perfect for the deeply reflective soul music of Dustin Smith. Separate from his full-band outfits, his solo endeavor allows time to sort through the tangles of love instead of trying to command it. It is this humble reflection and exploration that makes Smith’s music incredibly relatable…. Read more »

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