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So Much Music!

A note from DMMC Program Manager, Jordan Mayland, on some events and happenings going on in the very near future.  And here I thought festival season was the busy part of the year! Hey, I’m not complaining.  It’s great to see so many musical events happening and DMMC being involved.  Instead of sharing multiple social… Read more »

“In For Lunch” Spotify Playlists

Here are a few excellent Spotify playlists full of Iowa music put together by members of the DMMC, The Greater Des Moines Partnership, and Iowa Public Radio.  The playlists originally correlated with the weekly In For Lunch streaming concert series, but the jams can continue! Or head HERE to watch the previous concerts featuring Pianopalooza,… Read more »

DMMC Online Music Classes Now Available!

We think it’s time for some GOOD news!  With having to momentarily shut down our Hip-Hop after-school classes at Meredith Middle School and not being able to launch our new Rock Band after-school class we were planning on starting at the end of March at Merrill Middle School, we are excited to announce our free… Read more »

80/35 Local Band Music Links!

As musicians and bands cancel sets and tours throughout the country during the COVID-19 pandemic we sure are missing live music in our city! Here’s a list of over 40 great Iowa acts who have graced us with their presence at 80/35 and remain important staples to their own music scenes and proudly represent Iowa… Read more »

Iowa Musicians on Bandcamp: GDP 2019 Edition

Bandcamp, a major online source that countless bands and musicians use for streaming music and selling merchandise, have recently announced they will be waiving their personal fees on Friday to support bands and musicians who use their services. This is currently a devastating time for musicians having to cancel shows, sets, and tours. We thought… Read more »

Video Q & A with Noah Short, Backstage Ball 2020 Volunteer of the Year!

Meet Noah Short, our Backstage Ball 2020 Volunteer of the Year! Since Noah is stationed out in Montana these days he was nice enough to respond via video with Program Coordinator, Jordan Mayland. It’s a great chance to get to know Noah and for him to talk a bit about his volunteer experiences! Noah Short… Read more »
Photo Consent and Credit: Kelsey Kremer/Des Moines Register

Q & A with xBk (Tobi Parks, Thomas Kutz, & Franklin Codel)- Amedeo Rossi Innovator of the Year

(Photo Consent/Credit: Kelsey Kremer/Des Moines Register) Supporting local artists through their venue xBk Live and record label Station 1 Records, bringing in regional acts, providing Iowa Public Radio with a great new location for their monthly Studio One Underground series, and now partnering with the DMMC on a monthly concert series, Breaking The Band, geared… Read more »

Andrew Hoyt Releases New Single and Donates Proceeds to DMMC Music Education!

What a guy! Local musician, Andrew Hoyt, recently released his new song, “Good Morning Des Moines,” on January 31st. The singer/songwriter reached out to the DMMC and had the very thoughtful suggestion of donating the proceeds of the song to the DMMC Music Education programs, such as our after-school programs and music summer camps! Andrew… Read more »

The Vahnevants release new record, “Freakout People”

The Vahnevants could hold their own at a blues festival, any rock show, a country bar, a house show, the back of a bus, or on-stage at 80/35.  There is something familiar about their music and presence, yet, there are parts of their songs that might make you tilt your head and think, “that’s odd…but… Read more »

Music Education and the Return of GDP!

It has certainly been a busy time for the DMMC! As we look back at such a fun year we would like to thank everyone who has ever bought tickets to our events, volunteered, and donated to our cause. We are ending out 2019 by asking for donations towards our programming. These gifts and donations… Read more »

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