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GDP Band Hype: DJ Eight Ten

There’s a real art to DJing. Between curating playlists, playing to the crowd, and seamlessly mixing between often disparate music, there is an undeniable amount of artistic ability required in order to DJ. It’s a form of music-making rooted in as much history as any other style of musical performance. Not to mention all the… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: Nostromo

In the TMT preview of their debut 5cm Recordings-released cassette, Entropy, Nostromo was described as an answer to what-if questions like, what if “Ozzy had joined Rush and crashed CBGB’s in 1975?” It’s hard to write better hype than that.       After all, Nostromo shreds through those late 70’s and early 80’s downtuned hard… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: The Vahnevants

With their 2014 cassette, Bum Out!, The Vahnevants released one of the better albums in recent Des Moines history. Rolling loosely through elements of surf, punk, and rockabilly, each song on the tape runs comfortably at its own pace. The album itself melds the songs together with its appropriately lo-fi production and mountains of reverb… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: Courtney Krause

Courtney Krause needs no introduction. The Des Moines based singer/songwriter has been building toward her 2016 explosion since she began writing music years and years ago. This March finally saw the long-awaited debut release from Krause, Thoughts and Sound. The album is a well-balanced foray into the folk-rooted tendencies of Krause’s powerful blend of country,… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: Tires

When TIRES began rolling a few years ago, Des Moines had yet to hear anything quite like it. The band’s electronic barrage turned an otherwise content rock music scene on its head, filtering Des Moines’ history with the genre through walls of cascading synths, plugged-in psychedelia, and contemporary Krautrock. And that’s just to comment on… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: Green Death

Des Moines has maintained an impressively long-standing tradition of metal music stretching back as far as the early 90’s. But things were different then, and in our modern era when live music is inextricably linked to its own online presence, it can be hard to break through the noise. Enter Green Death. The Des Moines… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: Media Fresh

Media Fresh is one of the most active organizations in the Des Moines music scene. From the FreshenUP series to their recent announcement of Iowa’s first Hip Hop Festival, Fresh Fest, the group has been focused and intent on making their presence known. Now, Media Fresh looks to put hip-hop culture front and center at… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: Odd Pets

As much as Odd Pets’ success in the past year is attributable to their undeniable talent as songwriters and performers, I tend to believe it also stands as a testament to the supportive and inclusive atmosphere of our little Des Moines music scene. When Des Moines native, Lisa Burner, and long-time resident, Andy Buch, first… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: Agrinex

An amalgamation of noise, grindcore, metal, and depraved singularity, Agrinex is what happens when recognition is an afterthought and expression becomes the catalyst for inception and growth. This notion is enhanced by the band’s seemingly intentional lack of any kind of presence in the world outside of their live shows. In a time when the… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: Alex Body

  Iowa City has been keeping it weird since people in Iowa began flying their freak flags. It all rolls out of the university atmosphere as the curious go down the rabbit holes of culture. They start with novels and end with fanzines and vice versa. It’s a recipe for innovation. Iowa City-based artist, Alex… Read more »

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