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Q&A: The Locals

Photo courtesy of The Locals Chicago-based band The Locals will be headlining the 5/18 early show at The Vaudeville Mews with Wolves in the Attic, Satellite State, and Spidercake. With a UK tour under their belt and a new album (Stereotastic Funicular) due out early this summer, the trio is a not-so-local (to us) indie band… Read more »

Video Debut: Dustin Smith & the Sunday Silo’s “Let’s Ride It”

We had a beautiful weekend and now it’s supposed to rain all week. But don’t let that get you down! Relive the gorgeous weather (and GDP) with a new video from Dustin Smith & the Sunday Silos for “Let’s Ride It.” Once again, we have the honor of debuting a video for one of Des… Read more »

Q&A: Tweed Funk

Photo taken from Facebook Tweed Funk, a funk/blues/soul act from Milwaukee, is hitting the Gas Lamp tomorrow night at 9pm (21+ and a $10 cover). Before you head over, take a minute to get to know the band. We snagged a few minutes to chat success, the story behind the band name, and their favorite… Read more »

GDP/Band Bombshell Got An Award!

It’s been a big weekend! And thanks to everyone who has made it awesome. Seriously, though. What a huge weekend for local music. Let’s break it down a bit. GDP If you didn’t get the chance to make it to GDP, first off, I’m sorry. Second, don’t miss it next year! Nineteen acts took over… Read more »

Dang. Forgot A Couple of Things

Dammit. There were totally three things I meant to talk about both here and at Des Moines is Not Boring and I blew it. So lets do one more quickie post. -Tonight at Beechwood Lounge is a free show featuring Diamonds For Eyes, Wrestling With Wolves, Strong Like Bear and Dan Mariska. This is a… Read more »

Gross Domestic Product Is Saturday

House of Large Sizes headlines GDP this Saturday. Click for all the details. What can we say at this point that hasn’t already been said. I did a profile of each band last year, this year DMMC did it bigger and better on their website (click the pic to check that out). Now it’s just… Read more »

Gross Domestic Product: Vaudeville Mews Late

House of Large Sizes: Photo courtesy of Facebook The wait is finally over! Gross Domestic Product starts tomorrow night and is featuring 19 of Iowa’s hottest bands. We finish off our series of interview with the three bands headlining at the Vaudeville Mews late show. Enjoy the show, guys.   Wolves in the Attic —… Read more »

Two Awesome Shows Tonight, Plus, What I’ve Been Up To Lately

There are two incredible shows tonight, so you have your work cut out for you, Des Moines. First, Clutch w/ Orange Goblin, Lionize and Scorpion Child play Wooly’s. Clutch was the first in a long line of bands I fell in love with out of nowhere. Back when you could get a dozen CD’s for… Read more »

Gross Domestic Product: Vaudeville Mews Early

Handlebar: Photo courtesy of Facebook We’re counting down the days until Gross Domestic Product! (It’s two, in case you’ve been living under a rock.) Get the show started early by reading what the bands playing at the Vaudeville Mews early stage have to say. Then start your GDP off right for only $7 at this… Read more »

24 Hours Later – A Look at the 80-35 Lineup

Greater Des Moines Music Coalition released the first part of 2013′s 80/35 lineup yesterday at 10 am. You don’t come to this blog for breaking news. I am aware of this. It’s why I didn’t throw out a post immediately after the 80/35 lineup announcement. Others broke the news, and you likely would’ve got it… Read more »

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