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Gross Domestic Product: 4th St. Theatre

Trouble Lights: Photo courtesy of Facebook Three more days until Gross Domestic Product! The anticipation is killing us. If you’re in the same boat, check out these interviews with the GDP bands jamming in the 4th St. Theatre. Get your fill here, then pay only $8 to see these bands live!   Is Home Is–… Read more »

Gross Domestic Product: Outdoor Patio Stage

MR. NASTI: photo courtesy of Facebook Gross Domestic Product is less than a week away! We snagged interviews with the 19 bands playing this awesome music festival. Today we’re highlighting the six acts rocking on the Vaudeville Mews Outdoor Patio Stage (which is totally free, kids!). Madison Ray and All The Single Ladies– 5:30-6:15pm Band… Read more »

Q&A: Rob Kersey of Psychostick

Photos courtesy of Psychostick Music is all about self-expression. And we love a band who isn’t afraid to show off their fun side on stage! With songs like “Because Boobs” and “My Clingy Girlfriend” (all from their latest album Space Vampires vs Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D), Psychostick mixes heavy metal sound with witty lyrics. We… Read more »

Q&A: sami.the.great

Photo cred: Brooklyn-based musician sami.the.great (Sami Akbari) has already made her stop in Des Moines, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give her music a good hard listen. Slightly reminiscent of Eisley and Lilly Allen (in my non-professional opinion), Sam spent part of her life in Iran and part in Pennsylvania. Read on to… Read more »

On The Road: The River Monks

Photo cred: Sam Dabrusin Our friends The River Monks are out on a month-long tour around the United States. And because we miss them so much, they’ve sent Band Bombshell a little update on their touring adventure. Make sure and welcome them back this Sunday at the Vaudeville Mews with Har-di-Har, Doubting Daniel & the… Read more »

Q&A: Fredrik Kretz of Swedish Metal Band Outshine

Photo cred: Fotofagerstedt Something ridiculously cool happened to me a few weeks back. I got asked to interview an international band. And not only an international band, but a Swedish metal band. I grew up with a friend who thrived in the presence of that body shakin’ hard rock music. He donned the metalhead mohawk… Read more »

Euforquestra and Camp Euforia Celebrate Ten Years Together

Earlier this week I spoke of some upcoming festivals. Well, the tenth annual Camp Euforia has now announced their initial lineup and it is pretty awesome. I am usually not one for these jam out camp out festivals, but this year’s Camp Euforia in Lone Tree on July 12 and 13 is trying to change… Read more »

Birthday Parties Are Pretty Okay

It has been one year since I started this blog. I celebrated by letting the domain name expire and then scrambling to repurchase it before I ruined everything. The talented women over at Band Bombshell, though, they had a much better idea than I did. They decided to throw a party. A birthday party is… Read more »

Snow Sucks. Let’s Go Do Something This Weekend

I work retail, so it’s not like I get snow days or anything. During the mega-super-blizzard back in December, the idea of us closing early was not only denied, but met with derision from our corporate overlords. But today I ended up with the day off anyway, so I made a bucketheaded snowman with my… Read more »

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