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Shy Boys

Many musicians will remember the first songs they wrote and recorded—probably with a tape recorder in a bedroom, or perhaps in a friend’s basement on a four-track cassette. The songs themselves are presumably a bit ramshackle but none-the-less heartfelt; the true artist will still shine thru even during the most primitive stage of a songwriter’s… Read more »

Lunch Unplugged Series Includes 4 Des Moines Locals

We are very excited that Des Moines Performing Arts is promoting all local artists as part of their Lunch Unplugged Series at the Temple Theater in downtown Des Moines! Three of these acts are GDP and 80/35 alums. Support local music and have a great lunch hour at Lunch Unplugged. Tickets are only $5 each!… Read more »

Give the gift of local music with our Super Fan Package!

Give the gift of local music with our Super Fan package! This very special package includes the following: – One 2-day pass to 80/35 music festival (July 4-5, 2014) – Free access to our other main concert events over the course of 2014, including Gross Domestic Product (all Iowa showcase, spring 2014) and Little BIG Fest (roots and jam festival, fall… Read more »

80/35 2013: We did it, Des Moines!

We did it, Des Moines. We created a pure and perfect party, as only Iowa can. Over 1,000 volunteers, donors, and artists came together over the last year to push Des Moines forward through the power of music, and it culminated with the 6th annual 80/35 music festival. Watch this video featuring headliner Wu-Tang Clan… Read more »

RAYGUN Shows Some Love for 80/35

We were really honored to read this beautiful letter from the folks at RAYGUN, a great local business and longtime supporter of our work and the work of many other community organizations. Here’s a sample: “80/35 has defied all odds. It has succeeded, it has grown, it has been rained on (twice!), but it has done… Read more »

MPR’s The Current Visits 80/35

A crew from The Current, part of Minnesota Public Radio, made it a point to come hang out in Des Moines for our summer festival, 80/35, this year! They had some really nice things to say about their experience. Here’s a taste: “For all the music festivals we have in the Twin Cities, it was… Read more »

The Definitive Guide to the Parties of 80/35

We are excited to be teaming up with Mission Creek Festival and Maximum Ames this year to present The Parties of 80/35! While providing more music entertainment options for those hanging out in Des Moines over the weekend, these parties also highlight the vibrant and diverse music community in and around Des Moines. The best… Read more »

How I Became A Concert Mom

When I became a Mom, I knew I wanted to give my child a love of music.  As a child of the Eighties, I was introduced to The Steve Miller Band, CCR, Pat Benatar, Huey Lewis and the News, and yes, even The Beach Boys.  As a child, some of my fondest surround around singing… Read more »

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