Blues Pills’ Maximum Ames release features two songs – “Black Smoke” and “Bliss” – that are the home recordings step brothers Cory Berry and Zach Anderson, formerly of Radio Moscow, tracked with Swedish vocalist Elin Larsson at their farm home near Story City, Iowa. These organic and original recordings are only available through Maximum Ames.


On May 25, Sweden’s Crusher Records will release a 10” EP from Blues Pills – a release we can’t wait to get on our turntables. While “Bliss” and “Black Smoke” both also appear on the EP, the recordings differ. The Maximum Ames recordings were made before the band went into the studio to record the EP. For fans of Blues Pills, this release will be a great piece of history down the road.


While touring with Radio Moscow, Berry and Anderson met and began correspondence with Larsson, a Swedish soul singer and songwriter. Eventually, Larsson made the trek from Sweden to the United States. After ending their time in Radio Moscow, Anderson and Berry came back to Iowa and started working on Blues Pills – with Larsson as vocalist and songwriter.


From inception, Blues Pills has been a powerful band. Before moving to Sweden, where they currently reside, Blues Pills captivated local audiences in just a handful of shows with Larsson’s vocals that combine the timbre of Susan Tedeschi with the raw power and style of Janis Joplin. Rounding out the group is drummer Jonas Askerlund, formerly of Swedish psychedelic band Dead Man; and for European shows, the group will be joined by French phenom and young blues shredder Dorian Sorriaux on guitar. Berry, who played drums in Radio Moscow and the Blues Pills recordings, shows his talent as a guitarist in Blues Pills with melodic pentatonic lines and artful licks to lay the bedrock of sound with bassist Anderson to let Larsson’s vocals shine on top.


Blues Pills will be touring Europe in July to promote both releases.