The Mac maestro behind these futuristic beats is named Dominic Lalli. What separates him from most of the EDM DJ’s that have become more and more prolific is what else he brings to the table, and the time travel he inspires. Lalli, along with Drummer Jeremy Salken, make up Big Gigantic. 


Big Gigantic have made the touring rounds over the last few years, and have recently been on tour with recent Des Moines headliners Bassnectar and Pretty Lights. What separates them from the other two is that they have a focus on music and less on the overall show.  To some, that seems like a detraction.  To others, they prove that music, itself, can still carry a performance.


To ignore their stage show would be a crime, however.  They still use the lights to their advantage and to control the frenzy of the crowd.  If you’re looking for a Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Pretty Lights extravaganza, though, this won’t ring through.  However, if you’re looking for a virtuoso performance, then this is one to see. 


Lalli isn’t just a keyboard wizard, he is a music wizard.  After receiving his Masters in Jazz from the Manhattan School of Music, he moved to Boulder, CO.  There, he met Salken and they formed Big Gigantic.   Lalli’s jazz teachings come into effect throughout the performance, as he is just as likely to pick up the saxophone as he is the Macbook Pro.  He plays with such proficiency, that you can hear the 80’s R&B seep out, but it doesn’t stop there.


After a detour to the 80’s, we pick up the 70’s funk stylings of Mayfield, Hayes and Clinton, still mixed in with the 80’s sax and the 21st century computer beats.  What seems to be the coup de grace is that the way Big Gigantic plays is more of a 60’s jam band.  Freeform, improvised, unhinged; Big Gigantic plays their multi-genre, mutli-time period music in a way that most wouldn’t expect.


This is a show I would want people to go to not just because the music is good (it is).  I would encourage people to attend this show because it is a showcase of what music can be.  It is a showcase of how we will listen to music in the future.  It is a showcase of how people listened to music over the decades.  It is a showcase of what two men can do with just knowledge and desire.  But mostly, people should attend this show because it will be a night of sweaty, dance filled fun. 


Also, maybe they will break all known laws of physics and take you through time, which I have to think is a crowd pleaser.