Author: Jill Dykstra

GDP Band Hype: Dylan Sires and Neighbors

This article was written by DMMC volunteer contributor Jill Dykstra. Interested in contributing to this website? Contact us! Dylan Sires and Neighbors play GDP on April 12th. Click here to buy passes to GDP before March 28th and save 50%! Since having seen Dylan Sires and Neighbors at 80/35 last summer – they have slowly become a favorite… Read more »

GDP Band Hype: Kris Adams

Kris Adams is a transplant from Austin whose artistic style is ever changing.  He has a poetic rhyme to his lyrics with a flow and message that is both powerful and personal.  His self titled album, “Kris Adams” is a mix of killer beats and passionate lyrics intermixed with a poetic flow of words. I… Read more »

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