Author: Jeff Inman

Interview: Matisyahu

It’s hard to think of Matisyahu as a chameleon. For years he was one of the most recognizable guys in music, if only because there weren’t any other Hasidic Jews in music. He dressed in traditional garb: white shirt, a black suit, black hat worn over a yarmulke. He had a full beard. He didn’t… Read more »

Interview: Dee Dee Penny of the Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls founder Dee Dee Penny lost her voice but rediscovered her band The vocal polyps changed everything. Dum Dum Girls founder Dee Dee Penny had been in the midst of her own creative revolution. She had written a dozen songs in a frenzy. She had tracked all of them at California’s East West… Read more »

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