The album was recorded and produced by Phil Young – of Liberty House studio fame – a man who certainly knows how to make great sounding records, and The Chatty Cathys have brought in tunes that are steeped in 1950’s jazz/pop (the album closer “Jai”) as well as things that veer from The Stooges to The Kinks (title track “Cradle Rock” has a loose, snotty groove with a cool rhythmic bridge, and the song reminds me of Iggy Pop enjoying a warm, summery day).


It’s a good combination that works, a little bit of brattiness and a whole lot of pop.


I love “Prozac Punk,” which thoroughly lives up to its title by starting out as a jazzy piano ballad, until feedback kicks in, then it bursts into lighthearted punk fury. “Messianic May (Salmonella Fellas)” is probably the most ambitious track on the album, clocking in at over nine minutes, and serving as a suite of sorts, beginning with piano, and a melody and lyrics that wouldn’t be out of place on a Christopher the Conquered album. Then it wanders into free jazz guitar territory before exploring some dark blues grooves, telling the story of the title character.


The album feels like The Chatty Cathys are on to something, and are refining it, while still exploring, and, along the way, they’re having a helluva lot of fun. Have fun with them, and enjoy this album for free at