Written by volunteer contributor Cady Colosimo

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Usually when you come back from Jamaica obsessed with steel drums the music tends to feel out of place and comical when you’re not on the island anymore. With their toned down Caribbean flavor, In Rooms can be taken anywhere. I can’t imagine a setting this music wouldn’t be good in. Throwing a cocktail party? Throw this on your sound system. Laying out by the pool? Press play on your iPod. It’s perfect for any occasion.

The Night Has Come sounds like if Vampire Weekend took a trip to Spain. Smooth indie delights meets sensual salsa music. It’s an unexpected combination that works incredibly well.

Heather Leo’s light, airy vocals combined with the island style music are just delightful. One of the reasons the music is so rich is because of the inclusion of so many instruments. In addition to standard guitars and drums there’s also mandolin, saxophone and other fun percussion instruments. It’s hard to pick a favorite because they’re all so good, but if I had to I would recommend the title track “The Night has Come” and “Wilderness.” The latter switches things up and features Nick Leo on lead vocals, whose soft voice is just as enjoyable as Heather’s. “The Night has Come” is another great track because it has a distinct reggae vibe and killer horns. Speaking of killer horns, “Dove” is a chill gem with a great horn section throughout and a nice solo at the end.

This is one of those rare albums that you can throw on and listen to from start to finish; there are no low points, it’s all smooth sailing. My only complaint is that I want more. I’ve become instantly addicted to In Rooms and I need my fix.


Learn more about Des Moines band In Rooms at inroomsmusic.com.


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