Ok, headphones are in. Lucca Soria’s new tape, Good Morning, is loaded into my Nakamichi RX-202 deck. Thanks, dad. This is a “First Impressions” review, in which I write the review as I listen to the album for the first time. No editing. Except for grammar, maybe. Here we go.

Lucca sounds like he believes what he’s singing on the opening track, “New Beginnings”. Rough around the edges, taking his time, seems like an any take will do because it’s all him, one way or another. Broken heart kinda music happening here, for sure, which yeah you could say you’ve heard it before, but every day millions of people experience the feeling for the first time. This album is for those folks.

Ok, tracks two and three give us some of the piano promised on the credits. Love it. Soul. Doubling of vocals is used to great effect on these tracks, you sing it once it’s real, sing it twice it’s real sad.

Side A is over and my RX-202 has auto flipped the tape, which is good because I’m starting to take on characteristics of Lucca on this album, which means I’m a little too down to get up and flip the tape myself. Alright, so if you find yourself closing your eyes and smiling to yourself every time you listen to Springsteen’s Nebraska, but it’s that smile that isn’t happy or funny like laughing funny but more like smiling because ooh can’t you feel it’s true and it just makes you wanna shake your head at the shoulder shrug of it all, then you should take a listen to this album.

Check out Good Morning right here, or better yet, buy a copy on cassette at Lucca Soria’s shows or probably at ZZZ Records.


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