Music Economic Impact, Strategy, & Recovery Plan


The Des Moines Music Task Force and Sound Diplomacy have partnered to develop a strategy that aims to support our Des Moines music ecosystem as it recovers from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and we imagine the future of Des Moines as a Music City. Here’s how you can participate:


Calling all musicians, music fans, music industry workers, music nonprofits, and music businesses! We need your input in our survey. Your honest responses – what’s working, where you may be facing challenges, what we can do better – will help ensure the report and our work is best aligned with the current needs of our music community.


In order to calculate the economic impact of music in Des Moines, we are working to map the businesses and organizations currently in Des Moines. This map includes the following: music businesses, venues, festivals, recording studios, record & instrument stores, education, radio stations, orchestras, and choirs. Don’t see yourself listed? Submit your information here!


What do famous American music cities such as Nashville, Austin, or New Orleans have in common? Beyond a critical mass of aspiring career musicians, each of these cities also have systems in place to support the interconnected web that make up a music ecosystem. This means: music venues can find quality audio engineers who may have access to local colleges or adult education courses in live sound, local musicians who want to release an album can shop around to local record labels, and music entrepreneurs can access affordable workspace and resources to grow their companies.

These are just a few examples of the infrastructure that can exist in a music city. Each music city is different, and while Des Moines currently does not have the type of critical mass of musicians and industry as places like Nashville or Austin, creating a strategy towards growing the music ecosystem in our town can help support the musicians and industry workers who live here and potentially attract and cultivate a larger and more sustainable music scene. The strategy will help us with a road map of where we go from here.


This project is made possible by a Strategic Collaboration Grant Program from the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines with additional support from the Greater Des Moines Partnership.