We did it, Des Moines. We created a pure and perfect party, as only Iowa can. Over 1,000 volunteers, donors, and artists came together over the last year to push Des Moines forward through the power of music, and it culminated with the 6th annual 80/35 music festival. Watch this video featuring headliner Wu-Tang Clan to relive the magic.

The Wu-Tang fellas even sent us this message after their show:

“just wanted to say a quick thank you on behalf of wu tang clan artists and management.

the production, creative and organizational support was just awesome… it was a fantastic trip out.

please pass on our sincere thanks to your teams, crew and associates and the many others who contributed and made it all possible.

back back and forth forth back back and forth…..”


The other headliners, David Byrne and St. Vincent, also stepped up to the plate with an amazing performance (fan vid here). And Mr. Byrne even took the time to write about his experience, saying:

“[…] this is America as it’s supposed to be, or close to it. It’s imperfect, but people here seem to have found a way of living that is not based around either extremes of manic striving or desperation. It may not be cool, but it might be beyond cool. Here among the winding creeks and fields of corn they may have arrived at some kind of secret satisfaction.

How did this happen? Why here? Why has this place succeeded in some ways while so many other mid size cities, having “lost” an industry or through a series of bad decisions and bad luck, have become hollowed out shells.”

Read his full thoughts on our fair city right here. We also had some very kind words written about our fest and our city by the reputable folks at MPR’s The Current, which is only one of the coolest radio stations in the world…read their blog about 80/35 here. Oh, and we got a love letter from Raygun.

Half the artists who performed at 80/35 are from right here in Iowa! Check out this video of Des Moines band Tires playing at the fest:

Look at all the photos:


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