The Fuss

Status: active. The listing author last logged in March, 2017
Phone: 515-745-3038
Address: Des Moines, IA, USA
The Fuss is a 4-piece band from Des Moines, Iowa. The first live show was August 7th, 2015. All of the recorded songs are mixed and released independently by The Fuss. Vocals/Guitar (Joey Lyons), Bass (Matt Nelson), Guitar (Ben Waldschmitt), Drums (Nick Lucs). The songs span a wide range of topics and emotions, and it's not unlikely that you'll reflexively melt into a tear puddle upon your first listen. Not due to sadness, rather related to the realization that many of these songs are a mirror into your own struggles and successes. We believe that music is intended to give listeners a powerful feeling of catharsis, and we construct our music accordingly. If we’re in your town, come see us. If we're not in your town, check out the tunes. Enrich your musical community through participation, inclusiveness, originality, and most importantly, love ♥