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Formed in late August 2012, Foxholes is a musical collaboration between Trevor Holt, Jessica Villegas, Ben Barndollar, Kyle Folvag and Craig Bowers – five laser focused Iowans committed to creating music that moves the people of Des Moines, Iowa and beyond. Hack a band member’s phone (please don’t) and you’ll find influential indie rock playlists littered with Pixies, the Jesus and Marry Chain, Velvet Underground, The Replacements and the like. Foxholes’ fascination with guitars has always been clear, but that has never limited them. A professional passion for creative evolution and growth can be heard throughout the history of the band’s tracks. Listen and you’ll hear a group on a mission to bring you fresh tunes sweetened with the occasional keyboard, cello, mandolin and glockenspiel. While shows outside of Iowa are not uncommon for the band, the Des Moines music scene is near and dear to the hearts of Foxholes members. If making the best rock music out there is their number one priority, contributing to, promoting and supporting the musical talent of Iowa is a close second. A group of five friends, making and supporting music – that’s Foxholes.