DMMC Music Fellowship

The DMMC Music Fellowship program is a career-focused education initiative that offers local musicians rigorous training and mentorship across all facets of the music industry. Coordinated by the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition (DMMC), the program aims to connect bands with regional industry resources and contacts to expedite the careers of local talent and to launch their music to national recognition.

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The overarching goals of this program are to (1) develop local talent to produce nationally recognized artists, (2) build a network of industry professionals and develop a collaborative music industry in Des Moines, and (3) draw young professionals to the area by strengthening the cultural offerings of Des Moines.

Applications are accepted year-round with regular review by a team of industry professionals. All applications will be kept on file and will be included with each review. Musicians are welcome to submit updated information as often as they like and will be contacted if further information is required.

Selected artists will be contacted for an interview before acceptance into the program. Approximately 2-4 artists/bands will be selected each year to work intensively with the team. The length of the program depends on the projects and timeline agreed upon by the artist and team, typically lasting 6-18 months.


Application Requirements:
1. Applications must be completed in full for consideration.
2.You may submit more than one project; please fill out a separate application for each.
3. Applicants should demonstrate motivation, dedication, and potential to work full time in the music industry.
4. At least one band member must reside in the Central Iowa region.
5. Upon acceptance, band members must be able to attend meetings in downtown Des Moines.

Please email any questions about the DMMC Music Fellowship program to