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I Support Music for All Ages in DSM

The Des Moines city code (Sec. 10-8, Article E, 6) prohibits the presence of minors after 9pm in most music venues holding an active liquor license. This restrictive ordinance negatively affects the safety and retention of area youth, hinders development of the local music scene, and stunts Des Moines’ cultural and economic growth.

The latest enacted amendment to the ordinance fell short of its intended purposes due to an unrealistic sales demand given to music venues through the ordinance. There was exemption given to venues that met some requirements, one being most detrimental: 50% of sales must be something other than alcohol. This affects our best venues in Des Moines and only gives exception to a small number of venues. This impacts the overall Des Moines’ economy as evident by money lost in absence of touring acts and local music venues suffering without support from the community. Without a strong music scene, Des Moines struggles to retain its youth who demand cultural opportunity.

The Vision

  • Des Moines city code (Sec. 10-8, Article E) needs an amendment to eliminate the non-alcohol revenue requirement. In exchange, strict monitoring and enforcement mechanisms should be established to keep underage patrons safe in establishments with liquor licenses.
  • The Des Moines music scene will thrive when granted support from all members of the community, regardless of age. Music venues will increase their revenue needed to prosper when given access to more touring bands and access to increased community support. National acts will progressively select Des Moines as a touring destination when their audience is not limited by age. Des Moines at large will benefit from additional tourism, retention of its youth, and greater cultural opportunities for its citizens.
  • Young people will seek out and stay in Des Moines when offered more quality entertainment offerings. Local colleges will benefit from increased attendance when Des Moines values its youth’s interests. An ordinance allowing minors safe spaces after 9pm keeps them out of trouble and off the streets after dark.
  • Des Moines’ cultural and economic growth will persuade government entities to devote future resources to our cultural economy and move to reinvigorate the Des Moines Music Commission to further support local music.

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Lights Out at Nine THANK YOU!
We loved seeing so many come out and support the all-ages campaign on February 9th at Lefty’s Live Music for Lights Out at Nine! We hope you enjoyed performances from Grand Ave Ruckus, Glitter Density, and Carmelita and that you were able to catch some more information on the cause. Check out photos from the event!